Protect your 4×4 load area, wheel arches and accessories from abrasion and corrosion with line-x!

LINE-X protected 4x4
LINE-X protected 4×4

LINE-X Spray-on Coatings provide long lasting durable protection preventing abrasion and corrosion.

The LINE-X Liner is sprayed straight on the substrate, making a universal final fit for any make or model of 4×4.


For Work, For Play, For Every Day – LINE-X keeps your 4×4 looking like new for longer.

The use of the LINE-X material is not just limited to lining the load area, the LINE-X spray applied coating can provide protection on kick plates, foot-wells, panels and roll-bars.

Why should I use LINE-X?

Jet Washable

LINE-X coatings are jet washable and easily maintained. LINE-X will not corrode or develop mold after coming into contact with water.

Does not crack, split or warp

4×4’s are prone to knocks and bangs, LINE-X will not crack, split or warp, maintaining a sealed substrate thus preventing rust and corrosion.

Resists most common chemicals

LINE-X has been tested and proven to resist most common chemicals such as Diesel and Petrol.

To find out more Locate your closest LINE-X applicator and give them a call.